Missing Stock & Damages Policy


If the linen is worse for wear the morning after your event - please read on....

Missing Stock - Customers shall be notified of missing stock that we have found not to have been returned to us in accordance by email (or post if an email address is not provided). A Letter shall then be raised which will allow you 10 days to find and return any outstanding items. After this period, an Invoice will be raised at the current replacement cost price.

If any items are found after the Missing Stock Invoice has been raised and are returned in a saleable condition, a refund will be provided.


Damage to Linen - Linen in your care shall remain your responsibility at all times. Where linen is returned badly mildewed, stained or damaged in any way, we shall have the right to charge you the replacement cost and to invoice you for this. You will not however, incur a charge for any normal fair wear and tear.  

You will receive notification of the damaged item(s) and give you 10 days notice prior to any such additional charges being made.  

You must ensure that the linen is completely dry before it is packed and returned.

All charges due under this paragraph should be payable within 21 days of the date of the relevant invoice.


Please refer to our full T&C's for further information.