Afternoon Tea

Put the kettle on and take five while you have a read through a few of the things we think are worth sharing over a quick cuppa!  

We're a varied bunch here at Special Occasion Linen, we all bring distinct elements to the table and all have different roles to play throughout our happy family. Some of it gets all the plaudits, while some goes unnoticed so with this in mind, we bring you some little insights into the team that make sure your occasions are always special!

First up - A Day in the Life of... Caz Stooke, our rather super Event Account Manager. As an Event Specialist, Caz works closely with venues before, during and after their events to ensure each and every aspect of our linen & chefswear service runs smoothly. Click on the link below to read in full what a 'typical day' involves at one of the many national events we help supply! 


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