Football World Cup

Game On! Watch the beautiful game in style; the 2014 Brazil World Cup was our inspiration for these fantastic footy themed settings that will have your guests on side and fans cheering from the stands! They’re a real winner and sure to pick up a trophy or two!

England: Go all patriotic and back our boys with our St George themed setting. Get the ‘Three Lions’ roaring with our brave Jam Tart red and honourable gallant Snowball white – a team to be proud of!

Brazil: You can almost hear the samba rhythms and feel the Latin American passion raise the temperature in the room! Minty, Custard Cream and By Appointment provide a tropical carnival of colour that will have your guests dancing like they’re on the streets of Rio!

Italy: To create this Italian masterpiece we've played a tricolour of Minty, Snowball and Jam Tart - mamma mia!

Uruguay: A field of alternative stripes of hardworking By Appointment and trusty Snowball.

Costa Rica: For this setting we stuck Jam Tart in the midfield, ably flanked either side by Snowball and ran By Appointment down the wings to great effect! 

Fly the flag for your team and have a go yourself - download our handy World Cup TableSettings Guide, packed full of setting suggestions for all of the teams participating in the 2014 World Cup. Each setting is a game of two halves and lasts way more than just 90 minutes – go into extra-time after your meal and use the table as the perfect pitch for your own match of the day!

We'd love to see some pics of your fab footy event, if you have any you would like to share please send them through to

Download file Game On! World Cup Table Settings