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In this section you can browse a range of collections that our designers have put together and ones that have proven popular with our customers. They are by no means the only combinations of colours!

You can browse the collections by:

Once in a particular collection page you can read more about the individual collections and view more images of each collection. To view the images simply click on the thumbnails underneath the main one.

For each collection the colours that are used to make up the collection are shown in the bottom content area, along with the colour that is used for each product. If you want to view a colour more closely click on the magnifing icon, and if you have an account set up you can save the colour to your account area by clicking on the plus sign icon.

All you have to then do is specify the date of your event, the quantity required of each item, and any specific sizes (e.g size of tablecloth). If you want to order the collection you can click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button. You must set up an account before you can place an order.