How’s your Twixmas going?

We’ve been wondering why so many people are talking about Twixmas this year.So we did some research; it’s a new word specifically for this short period between Christmas and New Year from the 27th to the 30th December. While not dictionary official, the slang word itself comes from the old English phrase ‘betwixt’, which means between.

Dec 29, 2022

So, how’s your Twixmas going?

We polished off all the leftovers in the fridge on Boxing Day and we’ve watched every festive film there is.

Now we are recharging our batteries, winding down from the festive fun, and planning the perfect New Year’s Eve table settings. We’ve also been giving our website a little refresh. Nothing major just a little finesse here and there. That’s when we found these beautiful shots of our Viola Italian Napkins. These beautiful napkins that combine purple and white in a subtle fleck design are the perfect accompaniment for a festive table setting. Using purple within your theme adds a richness to your table settings and any event as well as creating a feeling of celebration and opulence.

Purple, the perfect alternative festive

Purple has long been considered to be a regal and royal colour because, this is because purple dyes and pigments were rare and only the very wealthy could afford to use the colour. As a result purple was seen as the colour of royalty, and many Christians also associate it with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Purple is also often used throughout Advent, in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. So it seems apt that we will be using it for our own table settings this year.